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Daring, dreamy, magical

Dream! When we dream, the world looks nicer. But make sure you also live your dreams.
Those who dare can achieve anything!
Enter the 360-degree video #DareToDream and let Lisca take you to a magical virtual land, with or without VR glasses. Experience the magic and come face to face with courage, boldness and passion.

Between 1st and 22nd December 2016, participate in the#DareToDream Giveaway with Lisca and
win one of our attractive prizes:

-   3 weekly giveaways – 5 x Lisca or Cheek by Lisca lingerie set,
-   Main prize – 1 x LISCA gift voucher for 500 EUR.

The main prize will be given on Friday, December 23, 2016.

Are you following your dreams? Imagination is enchanting and magical ….


LISCA d.d., Sevnica